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Clinical  Hypnotherapy is not stage hypnosis. You will not be asked to do embarrassing things or find yourself thinking that you are a chicken! 

People have a number of misconceptions regarding hypnotherapy. One of the biggest being that you will loose all control and be asked to divulge personal and private information that you wouldn't want to, or be placed in a compromised position while in trance.

Your mind has built in safety mechanisms, that will not allow you to participate in something that is against your moral fibre, and any well trained and ethical hypnotherapist would never ask you to. In most cases you will not even be asked to speak while you are under hypnosis. The other major misconception that I often hear is, will I get stuck in trance? No you will not. Left for long enough a person will come out of trance naturally.

These misconceptions are just that, misconceptions. Mostly formed through Hollywood hype in movies and TV shows. 



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​​What is Hypnotherapy?

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What Hypnotherapy is Not!

Welcome to Clinical Hypnotherapy WA.

Many times the question is asked, what is hypnotherapy? The simple answer is this, hypnotherapy is when a person receives therapy for an issue that they would like to resolve, such as hypnotherapy for weight loss or quitting smoking whilst they are under hypnosis. It is safe and natural process. Most people do not realize it, but they drop into light trances on a regular basis.

Why do therapy this way? The reason is that therapy undertaken in this manner can have profound and outstanding outcomes. The process of hypnosis allows the hypnotist to access the Sub-conscious mind or central nervous system if you will. This is the part of us that runs our bodies, forms our habits and puts our programs, both desirable and undesirable, in place. By gaining access to this area, the hypnotist can make the changes that you want.